4 Months ago
Colin E.

Having worked directly with Morgan on complex projects, I know first-hand her ability to manage diverse teams of people to achieve a common goal. She works well with internal staff and client contacts and is proven in her ability get everyone on the same page and headed in the right direction---on time and on budget. She is a clear communicator with business savvy, and I've enjoyed working with her at iXL as well as our business interactions afterward. On top of all of that, Morgan is a really enjoyable person to be around professionally and personally! 

4 Months ago
William H.

Morgan was very pro-active and helped plan anddevelop the event. Her upbeat attitude kept the volunteers  committed and energized about what was going to happen.

4 Months ago
Dana B.

I had the honor of working with Morgan exceeding 6 years. The brand name 'Segway' is in no part an accident. Morgan has the unique ability to mesh positive emotion to a brand. Her contribution to Segway and its market awareness to the brand is in large part Morgan's doing. Best wishes and success Morgan, you surely have earned it. 

4 Months ago
Gary O.

Morgan is, by far, one of the most talented, thoughtful, and level-headed professionals I've ever worked with. Her temperment is matched by her technical and management knowledge. She efficiently and effectively manages, builds consensus, and carries out plans and programs in such a way that her projects are economically, ethically, and personally responsible. Morgan brings energy to every room she enters. 

4 Months ago
Chip M.

Morgan combines the energy, enthusiasm, and humor that make her a joy to any team with the knowledge, hard work, and assertiveneness that challenges that same team to succeed. Straightforward yet tactful, courageous Morgan is the first to yell, 'the emperor has no clothes,' in a way that even gives the agreeing emperor a chuckle. I'd be blessed to work with her again.

4 Months ago
Steve H.

She was a fantastic co-worker. She's intelligent, enthusiastic, energetic, industrious, and a lot of fun. She's full of good ideas and makes things happen. 

4 Months ago
Sara B.

organ was my first manager in my professional career, and her management style has made every supervisor over the subsequent decade pale in comparison. Her feedback on my contributions was always honest, straightforward and from a place of nurture and a sincere interest in my success. What I found most exceptional about working for Morgan, though, was her ability to raise awareness and even investment in marketing in an organization that believed if they built a well-engineered product, buyers would come. What Morgan taught me - both directly and through her actions - has served me for my entire career, and I know will continue to add value in the years to come. 

4 Months ago
Mike R.

Morgan is a great communicator, negotiator, planner and team leader, all key to what made her a great Project Manager. Her tenure at iXL/Scient was at the peak of the Dot-com build-out. Client expectations and temperaments were extremely high as they all wanted their new company web presence delivered overnight. Morgan consistently managed the client and team to a successful conclusion. I was very fortunate to have her on my team!

4 Months ago
Lisa P.

Morgan is an incredibly diligent, detailed and insightful person who is passionate about excellence in her work. She believes in doing things well and always delivered excellent work on our projects. Her enthusiastic nature and loyalty are excellent traits. She was a wonderful mentor to junior staff. I enjoyed working with her.

4 Months ago
Scott W.

Morgan was always a great collaborator and a respected colleague. Her positive and down to earth attitude made working with her a great experience.

4 Months ago
Reina E.

Morgan has many qualities which set her apart, but what makes her truly unique is the combination of qualities that is difficult to find in one person. She is intelligent and thoughtful, and at the same time full of positive energy with enthusiasm for a challenge. Morgan will rise to any occasion and is adept at guiding diverse teams toward a common goal. She is able to achieve high standards through persuasion, flexibility, and commitment. Morgan leads by example and is held in high esteem by her staff, colleagues, and executives. It is a given that she would significantly contribute to the success of any organization.

4 Months ago
Jim N.

Morgan had a very high degree of integrity and a work ethic which was unparalleled. Morgan was creative and did a phenominal job while we worked together at Segway. I would highly recommend her.

4 Months ago

Morgan's success is keyed by her ability to 'speak the languages' of people from several different disciplines and to direct them without them feeling 'directed'. Morgan projects a competence which inspires others, and a personality that makes each encounter an enjoyable one. This combination enabled her to lead many successful projects.

4 Months ago
Nick S.

Morgan is hard working, detail oriented, energetic and has the ability to get things done quickly and in a thorough manner while still keeping things in check when it comes to budgets. I'd highly recommend Morgan. Clients love working with her!

4 Months ago
Darrell M.

Morgan is an extraordinary person and professional. She is enthusiastic in her work and maintains a calm and pleasant demeanor. She is smart and knowledgable and stays up to speed on new developments. She is someone you can count on and a pleasure to work with.

4 Months ago
Mona C.

Morgan is a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable about brand marketing, has great ideas and executes diligently to perfection. Great team player. 

4 Months ago
Elaine K.

Morgan is a smart, creative and inspired marketer. She thinks outside the box and loves being involved with the creative process. She brings solid marketing experience to the table and is really fun to work with. I always think of Morgan as having a smile on her face. She is a thoughtful leader and demands (in a positive way) results for her efforts. She would be an asset to any team.

4 Months ago
Laurie T.

Morgan is a bright light! Smart, creative, well organized, and a team player. She was an asset to our firm.

4 Months ago
Jeff M.

Morgan was instrumental in helping provide key information on her organization, focus, and clearly defined goals. She is always amazing to work with and extremely focused on time-lines and tasks at hand. Her personality and ability to guide multiple vendors and teams is without question one of her best attributes. She knows how to bring multiple teams together and keep each team focused while maintaining a positive and engaging personality. This is a recommendation that should have been written years ago but as we come to the end of another major engagement I can't stress enough how much all of us enjoy working with her.

4 Months ago
Dan K.

Morgan was a pleasure to work with. She was one of our most valued consultants - consistently exceeding expectations and always professional with both internal team members and Clients.

4 Months ago
Meg D.

Morgan is a focused, goal-oriented person. She could work under short deadlines, but also was excellent planning ahead and thinking strategically about projects, never leaving strings untied. She wowed clients in her hands on management style. She even relocated to Europe to manage a particularly time-sensitive and nuanced project. She is driven to get things done and is a natural at building relationships and solving problems. She's great fun to work with to boot.

4 Months ago
Mark B.

Smart, savvy and forward thinking Morgan, has a ton of talent and the energy to make things happen! Morgan is A team player with strong leadership and listing skills who thinks beyond conventional boundaries in a disciplined and thoughtful way. She would be a great asset to a stimulating company that wants results in today’s competitive world.

4 Months ago
Bruce D.

I've had the pleasure of working with Morgan on a multitude of digital marketing, online strategy and content management system development efforts which required a solid foundation of leadership, foresight, teamwork, discipline and relationships with multiple teams. Morgan was the cornerstone to why these efforts were successful, and she made work fun too with her sense of humor, candor and professionalism. No doubt, I enjoy working with Morgan on any task or effort, it’s always a pleasure!

4 Months ago
Kern C.

I was perpetually amazed at Morgan's ability to charismatically and genuinely lead, influence, and motivate at all level of the company, from individual contributors to executives. I learned a great deal from her on how to parter with teams and collaborate to deliver results.

4 Months ago
J. Dehner

I would highly recommend Morgan in any role that utilizes her professional skills and consider her a true authentic leader making a positive difference toward the field of organizational communications. 

7 Months ago
Andrew Twiss

She was great, very personal and Professional

10 Months ago
Karen E. Cusano, M.Ed.

Morgan is an active go getter which is needed in this current market. She is professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful!

12 Months ago
Tim Schofield

She was amazing, Professional and went out of her way to be helpful. I will recommend Morgan to anyone looking to buy or sell a home

14 Months ago
Yasin Alsaidi

I gave Morgan an impossible task. I was leaving the state and needed to get my house sold quickly and I didn't have time to prepare the house. She did even better. Accomplished what I asked AND got sold my house at a much higher price than I anticipated. Could not speak more highly of Morgan.

16 Months ago
Kris M.

I never had a leader that brought out the best in me like you did. Thank you!

17 Months ago
Liz S.

You did a superior job at promoting this home compared to previous listing [with different agent] and you have a sale to prove it.  Congratulations! 

18 Months ago
Gary B.

Hi, thanks again for your professional approach to our needs. We will definitely keep you in mind and forward your information to [friends/family] if the need arises.  Best of luck.